Here comes a whole new Brawl Stars meta

This Brawl Stars Tier List is at present the best hotspot for players at high trophies to make sense of which one’s are the best Brawlers in the game right now. This level summary is shared and kept up by KairosTime.

From the beginning, we will give you the Overall Tier List everything being equivalent. Next, you can look down underneath to see more nuances of each Game mode level once-over with unequivocal explanation.

battle stars level once-over

Battle Stars Tier List For Competitive Meta


S – Excellent: Excellent on essentially all maps/comps; Best decisions for randoms.

A – Great: Great on most maps and comps; Okay with randoms.

B – Good: Maps and comp subordinate; Team uncommonly proposed.

Brawlers not demonstrated are not engaged.

This once-over relies upon a balance

This Brawl Stars level once-over is for forceful meta.

Hello people. It is the perfect open door for another engaged battle stars level once-over, cause we’ve had a great deal of progress since the most recent adjustment changes.

Battle Stars Gem Grab Game Mode

Bibi: Bibi is moving from the B level up into the splendid S level position, replacing Gene. By and by, a huge amount of overpowered perils have gotten at nerfs including Gene, Carl, and Rosa, allowing Bibi to genuinely shimmer. She offers unsurprising strain to enemies with her high prosperity incredible DPS and exceptional knockback limit. Her extended survivability has made the concede that is connected with her standard ambush to a lesser degree a commitment in 1v1 affiliations, empowering her to thrive.

Bo: Bo is also moving from the A level up into the S level. Historic went gem transporters that can avoid Gene’s pool are by and by fit to be played considerably more feasibly because of Gene’s nerf. This truly fits Bo radiantly especially after his continuous buff with a supercharged and his hack hurt.

Penny: Now Penny is also moving from the A level up into the S level. Like Bo, she genuinely benefits by Gene’s nerf and clearly, her star power is just uncommonly strong.

Rosa: Rosa is moving from the S level down to the A level with considerably less open to her punch and a reduced ability to reuse her supers over and over.

Carl: Carl in like manner moves from S level down to A level. This was extremely a close vote. Every so often unadulterated numbers can just really render a brawler less useful and that is the situation for Carl. Similarly, Carl’s all the more moderate shot speed at max levels makes it harder for his shots truly land and that makes him imperceptibly less engaged.

Tara: Tara also moves from the S level down to the A level. She was fairly like minor S level, just considering the way that she did such an extraordinary activity at countering Rosa. By and by Rosa is less forcefully attainable, so is Tara.

Bull: Bull is truly being removed from the engaged level summary. It was genuinely close yet Bull is altogether weak against stop brawlers like Bibi, Nita. Quality is less inescapable with the objective that infers there’s less inspiration to like play Bull, who works sublimely at countering Gene. Read more from here

Battle Stars Showdown Game Mode

Solo Showdown

Rosa: Rosa plunges into the A level. As of now, Rosa could very load up her excessively off of one participation with another brawler yet her extended super-charge essential truly make it moderate. She requires conflict participation and that makes her considerably less appropriate.

El Primo: El Primo is in like manner moved to the B level. There are a huge amount of open maps and there’s just essentially less trust in working together with high DPS encounter brawlers so his short-broaden will when all is said in done makes him amazingly a significant goal for social affairs and very it’s just to some degree inconvenient.

Penny: Penny, regardless, is moving from non-situated up into the B level. This is generally an immediate consequence of her turrets star control, it’s basically you can’t take it out without like speaking to a gigantic risk.

Couple Showdown

Crow: Crow is superseding Gene as the splendid S level brawler. Qualities nerf harmed him a ton he’s still superior to anything normal, anyway Crow has reliably been a solid group standoff elective. His poison keeps adversaries down in, his super incredibly adaptable and he positively reclaims his respected position.

Woodwind player: Piper is moving into the A level. For pair showdown, most standoff maps are astoundingly open and Piper exhibits incredibly the most serious hazard from a since quite a while ago run. A couple of assistants can truly help balance from clash devour past limit settling on her a mind-boggling decision.

Photo: Similarly, we have Poco moving from the B level up into the A level. This is for the most part to the development of these amazingly unimaginable, versatile conflict and powerful sort choices, that have been excited about the game like Carl, Bibi, and Rosa. They settle on incredible decisions to coordinate with Poco making him essentially progressively viable.

Penny: Penny’s moving from non situated up into the A level and these are completely close to moving into the S level position. With two brawlers on guard to like guarantee her turret, earth-shattering worked in obstruction instrument and with her star control, Penny is altogether sensible.

Bull: Bull’s diving to the B level. There are considerably more grounded fight perils like Rosa, Bibi, and even Carl. He’s excessively vulnerable against even consider going risks if the guide genuinely isn’t useful for him.

Battle Stars Heist Game Mode

Brock: We have Brock is replacing Carl as the splendid S level brawler. Various tanks are also very mind-blowing options like Bull, yet Brock customarily is the go-to enduring brawler. His range empowers him to keep up control from a detachment without charging the enemy supers.

Carl: Carl is slipping to the A level. It was an incredibly tight vote among S and A yet the less DPS makes it harder for him to give significant control to a lot of the tanks that truly order the mode.

Rosa: Rosa was moreover moved from the S here down to the A level because of her lower DPS. It’s in actuality very fundamental against that safe, especially with these intense tank games.

Bibi: Bibi’s moving into the A level. It was close for putting her up into the S level. She got the speed, high HP and amazingly superior to average DPS, notwithstanding she’s a trademark counter to various tanks because of her knockback limit.

Jessie: Jessie’s plummeting to B level. She is a very extraordinary decision on various maps and her turret can do well against various tanks in these open sort conditions. In any case, on these open maps, her turret is unprotected to Brock and on shut maps is very vulnerable to throwers, so it’s kind of inconvenient.

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