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Shadows Pro 4 Torrent

Shadows Pro 4

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Shadows Pro 4

Shadows Pro is a software package for the design of sunsets and astrolabes, developed by French amateur astronomer Franois Blateyron. Shadows allow you to create a custom sunshade for your location and then build it with scale prints. Shadows are free at the basic level. It is used by thousands of users worldwide. Discover the world of sunshine on this site through educational sites and photo galleries.

It’s a Pro version, and all the features are unlocked


Planis spherical astrolabe, a common astrolabe

Reducing the vertical, angular, roof knob


Image of azimuth and elevations on the sun menu

Actual hours page, unequal hours

Song graphics (azimuth height) with horizon mask

Color background outside rainbow

Execution of plan layout in DXF (AutoCAD)

Perform animations in AVI

A tool for calculating sunscreen parameters from a drawing

Solar panel efficiency graphics

Solar design in solar style (horizontal, vertical, equatorial, polar, meridian)

Sun watch drawn to scale 1, of all sizes and of any orientation or landscape

Compatible with anywhere on the ground, in the northern or southern hemisphere (5100 locations installed)

Style drawn to scale 1

Coordinate tables for point line hours and bends

Draw from sun or medium hours, with or without length correction

Removable and adjustable text frames on the sun menu with a preset list

Time equation drawn in different forms

Image of protractor and azimuth circle

Export data in Excel format

Copy and paste images in bitmap format

130 page fully illustrated user manual

User interface translates into 17 languages

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