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StudioLine Web 4

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StudioLine Web 4


StudioLine Web Designer is a complex program that allows people to create their own websites on their own or with templates, even if they have no programming knowledge.

The installation process is cake and when done you will get a modern and minimal user interface. It contains a menu bar, various buttons, a navigation panel, and some other panels to display the elements used and your actual project.

This program contains a fairly long list of templates for everything you can think of, from buttons to lines, menu bars, backgrounds and geometric shapes.

In addition, numerous tools and options are included so you can edit all pages of the site. To be more precise, you can crop, rotate, and resize photos, remove red-eye, adjust hue, saturation, brightness, blur and sharpness, and insert text. With the built-in Geo browser, or by importing GPS data or KML files, you can add effects such as relief, smoked glass, sepia, black and white, two-tone and two-tone and geotag.

With this software application, you can also access the tree structure on your site, use spell check or search, cancel or restart actions, customize all elements on a page, insert and check links, view and view all pages on your site. standard browser.

To install:

1). Instructions are included as needed.

2). That’s all, done and enjoy

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